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Kesh Informatics makes effective use of Colours, fonts and high-end technologies like Ajax, CSS, Flash, PHP, XML, XHTML, etc. We simply follow an idea and then go ahead for a design to create maximum impact. With our attributes such as enthusiasm and creative ingenuity, even the simplest of ideas manifest into GREAT websites.

inWe deal with a range of portfolios such as comprehensive corporate profiles, lucrative e-commerce websites and portals and even highly-interactive, Web 2.0-based sites.

Social media Optimization is a subset of internet marketing which favors the business holder with a free marketing campaign on social media without spending any money. Apart from having a good website and effective marketing strategy, it is a business requisite to reach people in social websites and communities to establish your business and brand among masses. Numerous conversations are moving online, which SMO can use to bring targeted traffic to your website.

SMO does the same work on virtual market that word of mouth does in the physical market. If done tactically, it can help you achieve unexpected popularity and growth in your online business. Some of the benefits that you can achieve through SMO are:

At Kesh Informatics, we understand the enormous potential of social media in business marketing and try to harness its capabilities for the growth of our client’s business in a customized manner. Our SMO services include the following activities:

Adopt a multi-dimensional approach to market your brand online. Ask our SMO expert to help you out in devising a dynamic marketing campaign for you.

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